App Translation

A Simple Way to Go Global

Reach a wider audience with content you already have. Rank #1 in one of the many other profitable languages across the globe. Benefit your site rank and SEO from increased traffic. Every language is a new opportunity to be the best.

Acquire more users

Increase your SEO ranking

Get More From your Content

Amazing Features

Get ready to scale.... FAST

10x Content

Multiply your content by the number of languages you choose


Ranking in other languages increases your overall site ranking


Import existing translations and/or keys from CSV or JSON


Export ready to use templates for a variety of applications


Access and engage your data simply with our many APIs


Choose to have natural speakers view translations (coming soon)


See your content grow over time with custom analytics (coming soon)

Account Management

Manage multiple users for enterprise level oversight (coming soon)

How It Works

Step 1
Choose your languages

English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, ... (Over 100 to choose from)

Step 2
Add/Import Key Values

For example "introParagraph" with the value "We build beautiful..."

Step 3
Get your keys values

Code would look something like "getKeys(["introParagraph", ...], locale: "en-US")"

Case Studies

See how we've impacted websites like yours.

Alexa Rank top 10k in 1 year was started in 2018 supporting only english. At the begining of 2019 they rolled out their application with the support of 40 new languages. By the begining of 2020 they were reaching 5M hits/mo ranking top 400 in some countries in europe and the middle east with majority of their revenue coming from over seas.


How good is machine translation?

The 3rd party softwares we use have been trained on a text corpus conssisting of 100s of million text data. The sophistication of machine translation is so near to real translators, it can be impossible to tell the difference.
No problem, just click the request to have a value (or all values) manually viewed at an additional cost.
Yes! You can add tags up to any amount and get your key values based on tags. So if you have keys associated with the home page you can add a "home" tag to group those values.
Translations finish around 600 milliseconds, so as soon as you put your key values in you are ready to use the data in your app.
We currently support over 100 languages and locales.