Search engine optimization image.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google looks at translated content as unique content of the same page providing the same information. This means your content is viewed as more valuable, and every hit on hreflang pages is considered a hit to your main hreflang (usually english).

Find more users and add more content because of translation

More Users and Content

By writing your content in more languages you can gain access to a wider user base. Further, the content you already have will be multiplied by the number of languages you choose to offer. Each new language may be an untapped market, perhaps even better than the one you are currently in.

Easily translate your app and easily integrate the translated content.

Easy App Integration

Easily access the content in the language of choice by hitting out API. This way you can pull the key values, tags, and any other relevant information you would need.

Import and export more content

Import and Export

Import the existing translated content you have or export the content we provide you easily.

Features Coming Soon

Markdown Upload

Upload markdown files easily, our parser will separate the different markdown items into their own keys, label the keys with relevant information, and tag them. Easily download the translated markdown files with a click of a button to use directly, or simply make an api call to get the data.

Static JSON Files

Choose queries to host as static JSON files on our CDN and call them at a production level. Pay only for what you use.

Manual Reviewers

We are currently building our user base. Very soon it will be cost feasible to host in house translators and reviewers at competitive prices to certify the accuracy of the translation. Make no mistake, machine translations are truely amazing, however with manual reviewers, they can take context and your descriptions into account.