The 3rd party softwares we use have been trained on a text corpus conssisting of 100s of million text data. The sophistication of machine translation is so near to real translators, it can be impossible to tell the difference.
No problem, just click the request to have a value (or all values) manually viewed at an additional cost.
Yes! You can add tags up to any amount and get your key values based on tags. So if you have keys associated with the home page you can add a "home" tag to group those values.
Translations finish around 600 milliseconds, so as soon as you put your key values in you are ready to use the data in your app.
We currently support over 100 languages and locales.
No. Every key must be unique inside an app, however you can make a second app with those keys.
Languages and Locales
We provide the base language translations, you can use the translations to support the locales which your application supports.
Uploading and Downloading
Yes, you can upload this in JSON format and provide the pre-existing translated values. Any values not translated will be automatically translated unless "automated" is turned off.
You can upload JSON and CSV. CSV can be uploaded specifying the key, value, and tags. With JSON, you can upload key, value, tags, pre-translated values, and specify whether you want those values automated.
This is currently a work in progress and will be available soon with automatic tagging.
Yes, you can download your data as JSON, as this is the most practical way to download your data.
No, however, we are currently working on a way to parse and auto key and tag the values you upload.
We currently do not charge for data usage, only translation.
No, currently we only charge for translation.